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Contract Works Insurance

Bonded NZ has extensive knowledge in the construction and engineering industry, offering insurance solutions for many significant residential, commercial/industrial and infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand.

Any building or development is a big financial undertaking, whether it’s home improvement in your own backyard or property development in the commercial world. By utilising relationships with various Underwriters, we can tailor a Contract Works product that meets the needs of households and construction/development companies of all sizes.

Our range of policies can:

  • protect you from financial loss due to property damage at the construction site
  • cover loss of rents or profit if your project is delayed by damage to insured property
  • cover loss of income and stock deterioration if plant and machinery breaks down.
  • accidental loss or damage to principal supplied materials held on site;
  • theft, vandalism and arson caused by unauthorised persons on the site;
  • fire, natural disaster and weather damage (eg. storm, flood, hail, snow, frost)

So, no matter what construction job you are undertaking – whether you are the principal or contractor; we can help you get the right cover with a market leading deal from a high-grade insurer.

If you would like to hear more about how we can help you ensure you are well looked after for your Contract Works Insurance, then please get in touch with one of the team today